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Beauty and charm reflect a healthy body. The skin is the mirror to psychic and physical equilibrium as well as that of the soul.

Health and beauty as harmony of the body and of the soul are a condition of a happy and successful life. Firmly convinced of this, we propose various treatments from the more general to the more specifically articulated, both for the face and the body, so that, in a manner which is completely natural, face and body react to the stimuli proposed.

In order to achieve this, we make use, apart from the skills of our operators, of the value of our products, all of which are based on natural extracts such as stem cells of vegetable origin, herbs, plants, mud, seaweed, and marine and thermal salts.

The success of our treatments is due to the synergy between cosmetics and innovative technologies, such as OXYGEN THERAPY, RADIO FREQUENCY, ELECTROPORATION.

Facial Cleansing with Muscular Toning, Basic Facial Cleansing, Facial Lymph Drainage, Eye Contour Collagen Treatment, Moisturizing Facial Treatment, Nourishing Facial Treatment, Anti-aging Facial Treatment, Soothing Treatment, Purifying Treatment, Exfoliating / Lightening Treatment, Neck & Décolleté treatment, Regenerating Treatment, Men’s Facial Treatment, MAKE UP GIL CAGNE ', Personalized Corrective Makeup Lessons, Semi-Permanent Nail Polish Application, Manicures, Aesthetic and Curative Pedicures, Arms / Legs / Armpits / Chest Depilation

Lipogel Saline Citrus Body Scrub, Breast Firming Treatment, Volumizing Breast Treatment, Breast Anti-Stretch Mark Treatment, Body Fatness Treatment, Lipo-sclerosis Treatment, Light legs Treatment, SLIM Thalasso Treatment, Thalasso Drainage Treatment