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Thermal Treatments

The main treatment is the mud therapy. Mud is matures in basins or tanks perfused of thermal water with a very high temperature. The mud therapy is followed by the thermal bath with ozone having a very effective action for blood circulation and muscle trophism.

Aerosols and inhalations with thermal water, whose salt-bromine-iodine characteristic develops a depurative action on mucosae, are really effective against the affections of the high respiratory tract including the ailments caused by pollution and smoking.

Thermal Spa Treatments Our well equipped ‘VITALITY CENTRE’ also offers qualified personnel to practice:
- Lymphatic Drainage
- Shiro Dhara
- Hot Stone Therapy
- Foot Reflexology
- Ayurveda
- Water Massage
- Revitalizing Anti-Stress Massage
- Toning Massage
- Scalp Massage
- Effusion Shower
- Water Pressure Therapies
- Aromatherapeutic Baths
- Hydromassage bath with ozone